Dust on Crust

Sunday was cooooooold, as it remained below 0 degrees at mid-mountain, so we stayed inside by the fire all day.  Monday started at 5 degrees but warmed up later in the afternoon to around 18, and the sun came out!  But with temps that cold, the nice soft snow we had last week was icy, crunchy, and slippery, so we started out on the groomers.  By lunchtime, the sun softened the snow up a little so the skiing was a little better.  But who can resist a freshly groomed cruiser? 

I ended my day early and went into Aspen to run errands.  It was eerily quiet.  Everyone is talking about the plane that crashed yesterday.   The airport was closed all day so there were no commercial or private flights in to Aspen.  It looked like they were possibly dismantling the wreckage on my way home last night so I know the Aspen business owners will be relieved!  No flights in = no tourists =no business.

Quiet in town

And here’s another reason I love Aspen…there are people here who don’t let arctic temps interrupt their lives…

Single digit temps make for an invigorating ride!

About Elisha

After our only child left for college, my husband and I decided to pack up and head for the mountains! We split our time between Colorado and North Carolina and love everything about the mountain lifestyle. I write about the empty nest experience, and our adventures living, playing and working. Taking a couple years off from writing while I get my master's degree in Nutrition.
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