100 Things about me

1. Now that we’re empty nesters, we split our time between Tennessee, North Carolina and Colorado.
2. I’m a mom to a college graduate-yikes!
3. I’m an exercise fanatic
4. I love to eat (thus #3)
5. I grew up in a house that had NO ALCOHOL…EVER
6. I love white wine and cucumber gimlets (Thanks, Tim Love)
7. I have crooked fingers because I broke two of them in sixth grade
8. My first job was dressing up as a bunny and standing in the street handing out muffins for “Bunny Bread”
9. I taught aerobics for 20 years. 
10. I’m a legionnaire…I have completed 3 tough mudder events.
11. I have two black labs, Sugar and Kaiyah
12. I got the nickname “Esa” when I was 10 and my tennis instructor (from Australia) couldn’t pronounce my name correctly.  I can still hear him say, “Keep your eye on de ball, Esa!” For some reason it stuck, and now most of my friends from Nashville call me Esa.  
13. I’d rather be in the mountains than at the beach
14. I don’t like sticky, humid, HOT weather, thus #13
15. I love to snow ski and skin more than any other sports
16. I have run and completed nine marathons, five triathlons, and one century (so far)
17. #16 hurts way more than it used to
18. I straighten my hair
19. I love TOP CHEF…bought every season on itunes and rewatch every episode over and over
20. I a eat mostly whole food, plant based diet and don’t worry, I get plenty of protein!
21.My new favorite winter activity is “skinning” uphill on skis, then skiing back down.
22. I love when it rains and I’m at home
23. I like to show up early to appointments and catch up on my reading 
24. I took dance lessons for 13 years
25. I’m unbelievably proud of my daughter
26. My husband is my best friend
27. I love to travel  
28. I’m a browser…I like to wander around in stores for hours
29. I read constantly…anything I can get my hands on (although lately it’s textbooks and nutrition research.
30. I take benadryl every night so that I can stay asleep while my husband snores next to me.
31. I was born in 1960…you do the math
32. I am plant-based certified in cooking.
33. I have a fantasy of living in Paris one day
34. I love to go for a run whenever I visit a new city
35. I nibble…take a bite of something, wrap it back up, and keep on until it’s finished.
36. I eat around the edges of cookies and throw the middle away.
37. I majored in Broadcasting, graduated “with honors” and never worked in the field.  
38. My first job after college was as a part time waitress and I made more in that job than I would have if I’d taken the job I was offered at a radio station.  
39. I miss going into my daughter’s room at night when she’s asleep to watch her.
40. I hit a moving train with my car, totaled my car, and walked away without a scratch.
41. I’m still afraid of trains.
42. I hate the popped collar look.
43. 80% of the clothes in my closet are black.
44. I was a cheerleader in high school and college.
45. I played basketball in junior high when girls only played half court.
46. I ran track because I had a crush on a hurdler.
47. I gave up all meat except fish April, 2010.  Sometimes I really miss bacon.
48. My heart skips a beat when I see my husband across the room.
49. I often have anxiety attacks in crowded places.
50. I have watched every episode of “Friends” and “Top Chef” so many times I can quote blocks of dialogue.
51. I like aisle seats in an airplane.
52. My favorite part of first class is the hot nuts.
53. I like to get the meal they serve on the airplane, even if I don’t eat it.  
54. I need to chew gum after every meal. I don’t know why.
55. I have a hard time saying “no”.
56. I have one brother, two nephews, and one niece.
57. When I was little my grandparents didn’t have an indoor toilet, we had to use the “outhouse”.
58. I saw my grandpa tear the head off a chicken that they served for dinner.  
59. I didn’t eat chicken for a couple of years.
60. I cry very easily.
61. When I speak in front of people, I get a red blush on my chest.
62. I wear turtlenecks when I have to give a speech.
63. My hair started turning gray when I was 25.
64. I love the pretzels they sell on the street in NYC.
65. I used to buy fake purses and watches in NYC. When my daughter decided for a brief period she wanted to be a designer, we swore off supporting the people who sell them.
66. My favorite restaurants in NYC are le Bernadin and Craft
67. I know where to buy Theory and Tahari in NYC for 40% off!
68. I was proposed to on a carriage ride in Central Park.
69. I went for a run once in Woodmere, NY and got lost in Queens.
70. I used to be a terrible clothes folder, but watched a video online and now I think I’ve got it!
71. I tend to be messy when I’m busy…ADD.
72. I love to take long bubble baths. With Candles.
73. I used to wear glasses, then contact lenses, and for ten years I didn’t need either…I had my eyes surgically corrected (Lasik).  Now it’s regressed and I need to wear glasses to drive.  Bummer.
74. I hardly have any eyebrows, so I tattoo them on.  The only tattoo I will ever have.
75. I love Disneyworld.
76. I once took a sleeping pill before getting on a plane for a red-eye flight and fell asleep in the airport bathroom.
77. My husband makes me laugh every day.
78. I apologize too much 
79. I never know what to say to family members at a funeral or memorial service
80. I HATE to ask for money.
81. I love to run, but have to run by places with bathrooms or port-a-potties because I can’t go six miles without having to go.
82. I used to drink 4-6 diet cokes every day, but working at weaning myself off them.
83. I make homemade broccoli hummus once a week and eat it for lunch almost daily.
84. I love all kinds of nuts, peanuts most of all.
85. I rub my husband’s back in bed every night.
86. I can never remember my dreams.
87. I love mushy gushy love stories
88. I have acrylic nails (cause mine are like paper)
89. My husband bought me a Tesla model X and I am so in love with that car!
90. I worked at Opryland, USA in high school.  Best summer job ever!
91. My ears are pierced twice (in each ear)
92. In college I could easily get to seven keys in Pac-Man without really thinking about it.
93. My first concert was Billy Joel
94. When I first got my driver’s license I used to skip school and drive all over town, just for the hell of it.
95. I absolutely LOVE the smell of fires burning in Colorado when it’s cold and snowy.
96. When I was 16 I worked at “Bonanza” and dropped the sticky table cleaning rag into the vat of iced tea and didn’t tell anyone.
97. I have an irregular heart beat, and had a cardiac ablation a few years ago to correct exercise induced ventricular tachycardia.  
98. My resting heart rate is pretty low, 50-60.
99. I wish I had thinner legs.
100. I would rather spend time with my husband and daughter than anything else in the world.