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After our only child left for college, my husband and I decided to pack up and head for the mountains! We split our time between Colorado and North Carolina and love everything about the mountain lifestyle. I write about the empty nest experience, and our adventures living, playing and working. Taking a couple years off from writing while I get my master's degree in Nutrition.

One and Only Palmilla

Our 26th anniversary surprise trip to make up for the one we missed last year. One and only was a perfect choice. Continue reading

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Amazing Gracie

The loss due to kidney failure of our sweet amazing Gracie. Continue reading

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Ahi Tuna Burgers with Wasabi Mayo and Oven Fried Potatoes

 I don’t miss meat very much. I was never a big meat-eater, so giving it up a few years ago was really easy. But I did miss burgers. Not the meat so much…I liked the big, fat, juicy tomatoes, lettuce, … Continue reading

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Easy Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps

*This post is recycled from my old blog, Busy Mom’s Journal. About five years ago, I watched the movie “Food, Inc.”, and promptly lost my taste for meat.  I made J watch the most heartbreaking parts with me, he had … Continue reading

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The upside of the Empty Nest

Getting over the hump, three years after the start of our empty nest. Continue reading

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An Empty Nest…again

This morning I walked into my kitchen and saw this.  And started crying. It was completely unexpected, just like it was when I went to a farmer’s market in the fall of 2012 and teared up when I spotted the … Continue reading

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Lessons from my First Tough Mudder

What I learned from my first Tough Mudder Continue reading

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Why I cried during Tough Mudder

Why I cried during the Tough Mudder. Continue reading

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We’ve been back in Nashville for two weeks and I am happy and exhausted.  There are awesome things about spending large chunks of time in the places that make me happy, like Colorado and North Carolina, but I have to … Continue reading

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Five Tips for Easing the Transition to an Empty Nest

Before I became a mom, my entire life was wrapped up in my career.  I couldn’t imagine why women would get off the work train, just to stay at home to take care of a kid. What did they do … Continue reading

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