Mini City

I was looking through some old pictures for a slide show of H’s nine years at her current school (she’s changing schools for 9th grade), and I came across this picture of me and my little brother when we were kids. What is it? We’re like giants in a little miniature city. My mom has no idea. Something tells me it was some kind of amusement park or something. Kind of cool. I wonder if the doors and windows worked? It’s like a whole city of playhouses.


  • BusyDad

    Go ask your mom if she has your old baby growth charts. Something tells me you weren’t in the bell curve part.

  • Esa

    LOL! I’m just surprised at how clear that picture is, because I’m so OLD, it had to be like, 100 years ago.

  • Jenny, the Bloggess

    That’s both awesome and creepy. It’s like you were hit by radiation and grew the be giant toddlers who stormed the city streets.

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