Unwanted Google Ads???

I need to write a new post because for some odd reason, a google ad showed up under my last post. I have an adsense account, “just in case” someday I might want to make money doing this. (Although that’s not probable, since my daily readership is limited to mostly my family and the few people who accidently click on my sight when they’re actually looking for something else.)

Way back when I had a few ads on my page, but got rid of them because they weren’t pretty and I wasn’t making any money. Now suddenly, there it is. I went to my adsense account to make sure that all my ads were deactivated, went to feedburner to make sure I wasn’t giving access accidentally, and as far as I can tell I’m not. I’m so technically challenged with all these things I really have no idea what I have and what I don’t have. I just know I didn’t make any changes and all the sudden I have an ad.

So I’m going to post this and see if the ad shows up.

If you’re accidentally reading this and you have ANY ideas about why this happened, please enlighten me!

Part 2…

So I published this post and now the ad moved up from the last post to the current one. WHAT IS GOING ON?


  • Golf For Beginners

    I don't know what's going on either, I only use adsense in the sidebar of my blogs usually but your ad code seems different. If this is blogger I'm not sure i tend to stay with the wordpress system.If you manually paste the ad code into the post itself. like when you're writing the post ad the code in with your text & the ads tend to stay on that page. But if you use the blogger function it can clone your ads onto every new post you make, this is just for convenience.I bookmarked this blog btw so I will check out your other posts soon.

  • Esa

    I looked at the entire html code and couldn’t find anything for a google ad, I checked adsense and made sure all my ads were inactive, I looked all over feedburner to see if there was some setting that got changed, and I can’t figure it out. It’s driving me crazy!I need to read more of your blog, too, as my daughter and I are going to attempt to play some golf this summer. Thanks for the comment!

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