Month: January 2009

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Teenage girls, boys, and DRAMA

When H was in 5th grade, one of the boys in her class “asked her out”. Of course, in 5th grade, they don’t go anywhere. But you wouldn’t know that from listening to them talk. “Well, Brandi was going out with Billy, but then he broke up with her and started going out with Anne”, […]

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12 Stepping for Facebook Games

I was just informed that I’ve been saying it wrong. “Two thousand and nine”. It was explained to me that in 1909, they called it “Oh nine”, not “Nineteen hundred and nine”. Whatever. All I know is, the years are flying by…In another year and some odd months I’ll be fifty freaking years old. I […]

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Happy New Year!

Yes, I am still alive. I can’t remember when I had something really profound to say. I just realized that if I don’t write something soon, this blog has a really good chance of just dying a slow, unnoticed death. I’ve discovered facebook, or as our old babysitter (“old”, as in WAS our babysitter when […]