Month: September 2008


Dancing till the floor caves in!

Well, H had her first homecoming “date” last night, if you can call it that.  He asked her via text message on her phone before they had ever laid eyes on each other or spoken a single word.  He came highly recommended from one of her new friends at her new school, who as I […]


Teenage Independence

Yesterday I picked H up from school to take her to her basketball coach, and as she threw her things into the backseat and jumped into the car, I asked how her day had gone. “It was great!” she said. A couple of beats later, she said, “Well, it really was a crummy day, but […]

local news

Nashville’s Gas Crisis: Inside the Bunker

We drove to North Carolina on Friday, and were lucky to have no trouble getting gas in the small towns on the way.  We watched with great interest as the situation unfolded here all weekend, with neighborhood watches posting availability and length of lines of cars getting gas, when it was available.  The media is […]

daughters, travel

15th Birthday Trip

I just realized it’s been two weeks without a post.   Last weekend we took H and two of her friends to Florida to my in-law’s for Labor Day weekend.   It’s actually a repeat of last year, when H decided she’d rather do this than have a big party.  She had so much fun she decided […]