Month: August 2008


One word, so little time…

Just stumbling around a little bit this morning, and I found a really fun site that I wanted to share. One word. You click on “go”, then you have sixty seconds to write about whatever word they give you. Pretty cool. Kind of like word association, except you get to write. Then you enter your […]

family, politics

Political Debates Between Friends

My dear husband is a history and current events fanatic. He devours news of world events and absolutely LOVES to talk about them. He also loves to debate. He’s actually pretty good at it, enough so that I avoid disagreeing with him at all costs. Not that I don’t sometimes disagree with him, I’ve just […]

Food, recipes

The search for THICK, CHEWY Chocolate Chip Cookies

At Neiman Marcus in Chicago, you can buy huge, thick, chewy, delicious chocolate chip cookies. They also have white chocolate/macademia nut, snickerdoodles, oatmeal cranberry, toffee, and several different types of chocolate chip. I LOVE them! I had always thought these were the famous Neiman Marcus cookies that are the source of the recipe urban myth. […]

daughters, education

Wearing uniforms to school

My daughter loves to put together outfits. For several years now, she has spent a huge amount of time picking out clothes to wear, or planning which outfits look cute enough for whatever occasion is on the horizon. Bedtime always included time for “picking out” the clothes for school the next day. She says she […]


Blip FM

Summer’s over for us.  H starts school officially next week, but has stuff starting tomorrow, so no more late nights and sleeping in.  She doesn’t drive yet, so unfortunately I have to wake up when she does.  (Although she’ll be 15 next month so those days are numbered…yikes). I really should get off the computer […]