Month: May 2008

daughters, parenting

Am I Cheating on my Dentist?

H’s recent gum surgery was the beginning of the final solution to problems she’s had with her front teeth since before she was two. She fell on the playground a month before her second birthday and knocked out the pretty new tooth she had just sprouted in the front of her mouth. We actually found […]


Mini City

I was looking through some old pictures for a slide show of H’s nine years at her current school (she’s changing schools for 9th grade), and I came across this picture of me and my little brother when we were kids. What is it? We’re like giants in a little miniature city. My mom has […]


Antibiotics four times a day???

H is all better now, other than the occasional, “Wipe the blood off your teeth, honey.” We had a nice Mother’s Day brunch with my mom and dad, and took a few really nice pictures outside afterwards. I just downloaded them and in every single one, she has a big swatch of blood on her […]

daughters, parenting

Mother’s Day thoughts

It’s the day before Mother’s Day, and I’ve been doing a lot of “Mom” kind of things. H made it through day one after gum surgery. She’s been incredible about keeping ice on her mouth, so the swelling isn’t too bad. I’ve been spending the last two days making up ice packs every twenty minutes, […]


Gum surgery for my daughter

When my daughter was 2, she fell on the playground and knocked out her front baby tooth. When the permanent tooth grew in, in first grade, she fell on the playground at school and knocked IT out. So she has had issues with her teeth for almost her whole life. The first prosthetic tooth she […]