Month: April 2008


Water is Overrated!

When I was a little girl, my Grandma kept 8 little figurines on her windowsill above the kitchen sink. Every day, she would move one over to the other side of the windowsill every time she drank a glass of water. For years, she drank 8 glasses of water every single day, no more, and […]

About me

100 Things About Me

  100 Things about me 1. Now that we’re empty nesters, we split our time between Nashville, Lake Toxaway, NC, and Snowmass, Colorado.2. I’m a mom to a college student-yikes!3. I’m an exercise fanatic4. I love to eat (thus #3)5. I grew up in a house that had NO ALCOHOL…EVER6. I looooooove white wine and […]


To my 14 year old daughter…P.S.

I was browsing through the mom blogs on the Mom’s Alltop site (which is a great way to scan through tons of blogs to find the most interesting posts), and came across White Trash Mom’s post “I’m sorry it sucks to be 14“. She hits the nail on the head with the whole “size” issue. […]

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Email time machine!

I’m a list maker. I make lists all the time…on the back of envelopes, on the “memo” function on my phone, sticky notes all over the place, etc. I find that the more times I write it down, the more likely I’ll remember it. Sometimes I even call my home phone to leave myself voice […]


Insider’s tips for Museums in Paris

Since we’re planning a trip to Paris this summer I’ve been trolling the blogs to research insiders tips. We’ve done all the guidebook, touristy museums and things, but I’m looking for some other tips. Found a great blog…EyePreferParis…which is written by a former New Yorker living in Paris. The following is his post about museums, […]

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Ilegal Cell Phones

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, H is in Washington DC this week on a school trip. A couple of weeks ago we had the obligatory parent/student/teacher meeting outlining all the rules of the road for the kids. Personally, I don’t know how the five 8th grade teachers can muster up the energy to supervise […]

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I love North Carolina Mountains!!!

We’re in the mountains this week since H is in DC on a school trip. I love the off-season. Nobody is here, so it’s easy to get reservations and the traffic is almost non-existent. The lake is so beautiful, it’s crystal clear and the sun makes it look like sparkling diamonds. Rosie (our black lab […]


Nicole Kidman does yoga!!

I used to be in sales. So I had a lot of practice making small talk with people I didn’t know. I’m actually pretty good at it. I can go to a party with a bunch of strangers and usually meet a few people and converse without totally sticking my foot in my mouth or […]

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Blogging 201…I need advanced lessons!

Now that I’ve been doing this blogging thing kind of regularly for a few months, I realize how much I don’t know about blogging. Every time I figure one thing out, it changes. Like blog subscriptions. It took me hours to figure out how to get an RSS feed, and let people subscribe to my […]