Month: March 2008

movies and reading

The Kite Runner

I’ve always been a bit of a nerd about reading. I read anything I can get my hands on, whenever I have a minute. Newspapers in the morning (New York Times, USA Today, sometimes the Tennessean), art books, cooking magazines, novels, other blogs,…you get the picture. The weird part of this obsession is that I […]

sports, travel

More Snowmass Skiing…

Well, I don’t look as good as H and J, but here’s another clip of skiing down green cabin, a spectacular run on the crest of Snowmass…unbelievable views! P.S. I love my flip video camera…so easy! [youtube]

sports, travel

Spring skiing in Colorado!

Spring Break in our family means one thing…spring skiing! For many years we went to Beaver Creek, which we love, but last year we thought we’d do something different so we joined friends in Whistler. Whistler has a great village and two mountains with lots of long runs, but spring is NOT the time to […]

education, parenting

Changing Schools…and leaving friends

My daughter is entering high school next year. She’s been at the same school since kindergarten…9 years. It’s a wonderful school, and we have had an incredible experience here. It’s a private school in an urban setting, very diverse population, the academics are incredible, SAT scores high, college acceptance rates recognized nationally, etc. She decided […]

Food, Nutrition

Caffeine causes dehydration…NOT

I LOVE it when research validates my bad habits!!!! In the New York Times today, the claim that Caffeine causes dehydration was debunked. They reviewed over ten studies comparing caffeine with water or placebo and seldom found a statistical difference in urine volume. “In the 10 studies reviewed, consumption of a caffeinated beverage resulted in […]

my thoughts

Nosy Neighbors

O.K. Tell me if I’m making a big deal out of nothing. We live in a really great, old neighborhood a few miles from downtown Nashville. The yards are big, and most of the houses are old ranch homes (they started out that way, at least). J and I have lived in this neighborhood since […]

art class

Painting a red rose in Watercolor

I’ve been taking a watercolor class for about six months from Gail McDaniel, a wonderful teacher who magically brings out the best in you. I’m still very much a beginner, and the first time I took her class I almost ran out the door at the end, when she had everyone bring their work up […]