Month: February 2008


Middle School Dances and “Grinding”

“Grinding” is the new term for the dance style that seems to be everywhere these days. Well, I really don’t know how new it is, but I’ve just recently become aware of it. H is extremely uncomfortable with the whole thing. Last year, the “bar/bat mitzvah” year at her school, when they had dance parties […]


French phrases for travelers…#3

Here are three phrases we have to use at least once or twice a day while in paris… “Une table pour trois, s’il vous plait”…A table for three, please. And this one goes without saying: “je ne comprends pas”I don’t understand… Followed by: “Pouvez-vous repeter cela, s’il vous plait?”Could you repeat that please????

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How to Watercolor website

Found a great website with information on watercolor techniques. It shows step by step processess in painting different things, as well as great lessons for all kinds of techniques. There are links to tons of artists all over the world, as well as information on great masters and how they used watercolor. Some days I […]


Je voudrais allez a` Paris!

When I was a little girl I read the Madeline books…”In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines lived 12 little girls in two straight lines…”It was pure poetry! From that moment I was smitten, and dreamed of going to Paris. I was 30 years old before I actually made it there, […]


Teenage volunteer

I’m all for volunteering. When I worked full time I dreamed of being able to work non-gratis for a cause I believed in. After H was born I became a volunteer mad-woman. I cooked for sick people at church, licked envelopes, cleaned up after tornadoes, helped build homes for habitat, served on the board of […]

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We’re in the mountains. Rained all day long, cold and foggy, so no view, no hiking, but it has been the perfect day! Slept late, went for a run in the rain, watched cable moves (World according to Garp, Risky Business, Man of the Year), played Skip-Bo, Monopoly, and grilled a couple of huge tenderloin […]

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Valentine’s Day disappointment

H was so excited about Valentine’s day; like me, she loves the thought of telling people how much they mean to you, or just that you’re thinking of them, and chocolate! We’ve always made a big deal about it at our house. So, a couple of weeks ago one of the high school classes did […]