Month: December 2007

Food, recipes

101 EASY appetizer recipes

The New York Times online has a great link to 101 appetizers that take 20 minutes or less to prepare. I just skimmed through it and it looks great! It’s divided into things served on bread or crackers, on toothpicks, on skewers, and finger foods. Nothing complicated, just easy! Check it out!: 101 Easy appetizers


chili for Christmas!

Oh, by the way, my mom is making chili for Christmas tomorrow…Woo Hoo!!! She usually kills herself making ham and turkey and all kinds of things that my family doesn’t eat. (Mom, I know you read this blog…we always feel bad but you know J and H are super picky…sorry). We LOVE her chili, so […]


Christmas Eve traditions and reflections

It’s Christmas Eve and my family is almost asleep. I hear J snoring in the bedroom, and H is trying to get to sleep. She’s 14, so there are no “Santa” jobs to do now…it’s all wrapped and under the tree. I took the stockings to my closet where I had stashed the stocking stuff. […]



I drove H to Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond today so that she could finish her Christmas shopping. She had something very specific in mind to get…wouldn’t tell me what it was. She is SO excited about Christmas this year. I think it’s because she has done all her own shopping, with her own […]


Why don’t moms get sick days?

Anytime H gets sick, J gets it twice as bad. She came home from school on Friday with a very slight fever, coughing, feeling crummy. By Saturday night she felt much better. She’s still coughing, but playing basketball and studying for exams just like normal. J stayed in bed on Sunday, and didn’t go to […]

Food, recipes

Messing up the Kitchen…but it’s worth it

The Cookie Baking has begun! The first batch of peanut butter/cracker/chocolate cookies had to be made before I could do anything else. It’s not really baking. It’s just assembling and dipping and making a HUGE mess of the kitchen. But H and J absolutely love them and I only make them once a year. This […]

art class

painting a black dog continued…

Well, here’s the next update to my painting of Rosie. I’m happier with this than I have been with the other things we’ve done in class. I still need to work on her whiskers and her nose is a little bit crooked, but I’m getting there! Here’s the original…


Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana

To protect her privacy I can’t show her face, but my beautiful niece got to meet her heroes at Miley Cyrus’ birthday party concert/after party. She really likes Joe. After seeing this picture, I can see why! And I don’t know about you, but I think Billy Ray looks so much better without the Mullet!