Month: October 2007

Food, health and fitness

Nashville is the Fattest City

Today in Forbes magazine, their “most Sedentary Cities”: NashvilleNashville is branded the unenviable distinction of being the heaviest city on our list. An astonishing 68% of the city’s population is either overweight or obese. A contributing factor to the city’s weight problem might be the 32 hours of TV Nashville watches per week. The city’s […]

health and fitness

Dog Bite in Williamson County

Today I started another watercolor class. It’s been a few years since I tried to paint, so I’m a little rusty, to say the least, but it was so much fun. Three hours went by like 3 minutes! I don’t know what it is, because I’m really not very good. I try to make my […]

my thoughts

Michael Jackson “Beat it” video

Once upon a time, Michael Jackson was a cute African American and he still looked like a human… I so remember running the loop around UT Knoxville to this song on my “walkman”. It was the perfect tempo for my pace, and Cindy and I would sing it together while we were running. [youtube] […]


I am officially freaked out

Well, I am officially freaked out. Had an interesting conversation with some other parents today and found out some things that have been going on with some of Hannah’s classmates. I knew about some of them, but did not know all the details. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine who has a […]


Single-sex education?

Single-sex education…I hear it’s better, mostly from either all girl’s or all boy’s schools. I’m reading a ton of statistics about how girls in single sex classes score much higher than girl’s in coed classes (75% vs. 59%), and boys (86% vs. 37%), Girls’ schools help counter gender-stereotyping in subject choices, girls in single-sex schools […]


Red Shirt Fridays

Got an email today about red shirt Fridays. It said that Americans who support our troops have been in the silent majority too long, and those of us who want to show our support should wear red on Fridays. Here’s a great clip showing a wonderful picture of those who are over there fighting for […]

education, parenting

Too much homework?

Thank GOD for the rain today! I almost forgot what it’s like to have rain all day long…makes me want to hop in bed and curl up with a good book. I don’t even know where my umbrellas are…it’s been so long since I’ve needed one. Back to school and H has a ton of […]