Month: August 2007

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Age old dilemma…

H asked me today if she should watch what she’s eating. She already eats healthier than most of her friends. There is a scale in the workout room and she and her two friends get on it every now and then, and of course, compare weights. Last week, H weighed 2 lbs less than this […]


Global warming?

Everyone’s talking about global warming. It is so hot the news people are doing silly things like trying to bake cookies in a closed up car in the sun in the afternoon. The high temperatures are close to 100 and have been for a week or so. I looked back at the year I graduated […]


you can’t sit here?

God, I don’t miss middle school. H goes to a small private school and the girls in her class have known each other since Kindergarten, for the most part. It’s a relatively small class. A friend of H ‘s went to sit down with a group of girls who told her that she couldn’t sit […]

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No big drama for the HSM2 party. We had our party, she had hers. The kids here had a blast. Very loud, though, which is a good thing, I guess. When they’re quiet is when I will worry. The movie was a disappointment, I’m told, but it wasn’t really about the movie. Got up very […]



H wanted to have a few friends over to watch High School Musical on Friday. J didn’t want to have a huge party because we’re leaving early the next day to go rafting. So she carefully chose a few girls and boys to come and issued the invitation. One of the girls who was invited […]

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We’re so over Hilton Head!

Well, we had been in the mountains for a few days…hiking, jogging, playing tennis,walking Rosie, and most importantly, PICKING UP H, and then drove down to Hilton Head for the week. We were looking so forward to it…I had found a really nice beachfront home that allowed dogs, so we were excited. The last time […]