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Ilegal Cell Phones

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, H is in Washington DC this week on a school trip. A couple of weeks ago we had the obligatory parent/student/teacher meeting outlining all the rules of the road for the kids. Personally, I don’t know how the five 8th grade teachers can muster up the energy to supervise […]

parenting, text messaging

Text Messaging Language

WU?NMU?JCHEY, DUHAB?NNY? URSS!THX…WAYN?@MALL. WFU!BRT…CUL8TR! Having a teenager in the house has introduced me to the gibberish above, but I still have to look up some of the acronyms that they use like a second language. I wish French or Spanish came as easily to them as this language does! Here’s a link to a website […]