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Thank God for Ski Patrol

Final Curves at the bottom of “Longshot” We spent our spring break snow skiing in Snowmass, Colorado, a tradition in our family for the last ten years. Even though my daughter, H, is 17 and most of her friends are at the beach, she still prefers skiing with her parents (horror!) because she loves it […]

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More Snowmass Skiing…

Well, I don’t look as good as H and J, but here’s another clip of skiing down green cabin, a spectacular run on the crest of Snowmass…unbelievable views! P.S. I love my flip video camera…so easy! [youtube]

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Spring skiing in Colorado!

Spring Break in our family means one thing…spring skiing! For many years we went to Beaver Creek, which we love, but last year we thought we’d do something different so we joined friends in Whistler. Whistler has a great village and two mountains with lots of long runs, but spring is NOT the time to […]

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Super Bowl…is it just all about the party?

Sure, it was exciting. Parties everywhere (I’m told, we didn’t get invited to any!). But celebrity sightings were common. Terry Bradshaw, Chris Rock, some other sports broadcasting dudes that J recognized. Shopping in Scottsdale…awesome. Restaurants-thank goodness we had reservations. We had a couple of great meals, all leading up to the very nutritious peanuts, popcorn […]

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Super Bowl Shuffle!

Since we’re super bowl bound, I was thinking about the first year that I really started watching super bowls. I was always a football fan…even had a sports broadcasting class at UT Knoxville, where a big grade came from doing a research paper on the Super Bowl in 1983, but in 1985, The Chicago Bears […]

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Phoenix Super Bowl Bound!!!

Yes, we have tickets to the Super Bowl! Although the Titans aren’t there, and never really had a chance to be this year, the Patriots are (instead of the Colts-yeah, baby!), and J and I are so excited. I’ve been to one other Super Bowl…when the Titans played the Rams, and lost by inches. I […]

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Movies and Football

We decided to sleep in and watch the Titans on TV, even though this was a huge game against Jacksonville, also in our division, only one game behind us, and even though it was probably the last game with semi-comfortable temperatures. I know, fair-weather fans and all that… It was ugly. I think being there […]