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Stepping Back

Tuesday night I attended college night at H’s school.  We feel fortunate that she is at a school with an incredible college counseling program.  Now that she’s in 11th grade, the “counseling” portion of it is beginning…with a vengeance.  She’s doing SAT tutoring, in preparation for her first test in December.  She went on a […]

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Wearing uniforms to school

My daughter loves to put together outfits. For several years now, she has spent a huge amount of time picking out clothes to wear, or planning which outfits look cute enough for whatever occasion is on the horizon. Bedtime always included time for “picking out” the clothes for school the next day. She says she […]

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Changing Schools…and leaving friends

My daughter is entering high school next year. She’s been at the same school since kindergarten…9 years. It’s a wonderful school, and we have had an incredible experience here. It’s a private school in an urban setting, very diverse population, the academics are incredible, SAT scores high, college acceptance rates recognized nationally, etc. She decided […]


All girl’s high school interview

H had her interview today for the all girl’s high school. I went back and forth with what to tell her to prepare her for the interview and in the end, I decided just to tell her to be herself, shake the hand of the interviewer, say “yes ma’am and no ma’am”, and try not […]


Credit Recovery Classes…Give me a Break!

As if our public schools in Nashville need more tools to help kids graduate who can’t read or write… Nashville Public Schools have a program called “credit recovery”. If students fail a core class they can retake it if they stay 2 1/2 hours after school two days a week. So they can retake two […]