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Basketball Thoughts

As I walked into the gym tonight for H’s basketball game, I just had to smile. The echo of bouncing balls, the smell of popcorn from the concession stand, the music blaring for the pre-game warm-up…I love it! Of all the sports and activities my daughter has participated in through the years, soccer, softball, track, […]



Last night H’s 9th grade team beat the JV team at Ensworth, a big rival: 45-36. H made her first 3 point shot in a regular season game. Here’s the proud mommy video (she’s #10):


March Madness

Now that the regular basketball season is over, H is playing on a 7th/8th grade team in a few tournaments between now and summer. This one started Friday night with a warm up game, and the double elimination tournament started yesterday. They played at 8, 12, and 5, then today they played at 1, 3, […]

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Heart of the Game

We just had a basketball pizza/movie night for H’s basketball team. It’s a great bunch of girls. Mostly 7th graders, and 3 8th graders. They have a huge game on the road tomorrow against a team that is 17-0. We played them at the beginning of the season and only lost by 5, so they’re […]


High School basketball?

H was asked to move up to the High School basketball team. Her best friend already made the move up…(her school has a bball program that is in a building stage…lots of middle school players but not many high school). They basically needed more bodies. We’ve decided not to do it. While she would love […]

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I’m losing it.

I picked H up from basketball practice today and was halfway home when we remembered we were supposed to pick up her friend and take her home! Yikes. Turned around and it took 30 minutes to go 5 miles because of the traffic around Vanderbilt. Luckily, friend was very understanding and wasn’t upset. She didn’t […]


Basketball camp

After last week’s five days of basketball camp (spending one night in Shelbyville in a classroom, and three nights in Cookeville in the grossest dorm room in existence!), and playing up to 8 games per day, they’re back at it with a vengeance. Practice this morning for two hours, then four games tonight. As tired […]

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January, 2007…Another year, and we’re still not in the house! Looks like it’s going to be March at the earliest. We’re going to Hawaii at the end of February, and skiing for spring break so we hope to fit the move in between those two trips. H’s in the middle of the short middle school […]