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Media-influenced Voting

Well, it’s finally here. Election Day. After marathon campaigning, media blitzes, slogans and negative ads, it’s time for America to elect our president. I am usually filled with pride that this country gives every citizen the right to vote. I see news stories with Americans from all walks of life, at all stages in their […]

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Change my World…VOTE!!

I haven’t posted in a while… No reason, really, except that every time I sit down in front of the computer I’m playing Bridge Baron. Of course, I lose every time. Waiting until you’re an adult well into middle age is not the time to decide to learn to play bridge! But I’m going to […]

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Political Debates Between Friends

My dear husband is a history and current events fanatic. He devours news of world events and absolutely LOVES to talk about them. He also loves to debate. He’s actually pretty good at it, enough so that I avoid disagreeing with him at all costs. Not that I don’t sometimes disagree with him, I’ve just […]


Creation vs. evolution

A presidential candidate without a wishy-washy answer…how refreshing! [youtube] I don’t know if Mike Huckabee is the best candidate, but I can tell you that I can’t help but smile when I see this response to a question that has NOTHING to do with running a country.


Red Shirt Fridays

Got an email today about red shirt Fridays. It said that Americans who support our troops have been in the silent majority too long, and those of us who want to show our support should wear red on Fridays. Here’s a great clip showing a wonderful picture of those who are over there fighting for […]


Global warming?

Everyone’s talking about global warming. It is so hot the news people are doing silly things like trying to bake cookies in a closed up car in the sun in the afternoon. The high temperatures are close to 100 and have been for a week or so. I looked back at the year I graduated […]

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weekend stuff

Whew…crazy weekend. After three weeks of basketball every day, they’re finished until July. H decided to invite the 8th grade players who are in town over to sleepover. I got up early Sat. morning to bike and they were still up! Didn’t go to sleep until 10 a.m….then got up for lunch and she and […]