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Being Thankful

David Shatzman I met David through my mother in law, Helene,  probably 15 or more years ago, when he decorated her house in Florida.  Fast forward to today, we have both undergone a lot of changes in our lives, and somehow both landed in North Carolina.  The photo above is his beautiful property.  He drove […]

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What I’m not Thankful For

 Woke up to rain this morning…blessed cool rain.  I had forgotten how much I love rainy mornings when I don’t have to be anywhere.  In a few hours, the madness of Thanksgiving week begins, but for now, I can relax with my coffee and my crossword puzzle while my dogs sleep on the floor next […]

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12 Stepping for Facebook Games

I was just informed that I’ve been saying it wrong. “Two thousand and nine”. It was explained to me that in 1909, they called it “Oh nine”, not “Nineteen hundred and nine”. Whatever. All I know is, the years are flying by…In another year and some odd months I’ll be fifty freaking years old. I […]

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What kind of blog is this????

O.K., I just realized I haven’t written a post in quite a while.  In fact, I don’t know if I’ve really “written” a post in a VERY long while.   Sure, I’ve been busy, H’s been busy, holidays, school, volunteering, blah blah blah.  I still write.  But I don’t  put it on the blog.  Now that […]

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Blogging 201…I need advanced lessons!

Now that I’ve been doing this blogging thing kind of regularly for a few months, I realize how much I don’t know about blogging. Every time I figure one thing out, it changes. Like blog subscriptions. It took me hours to figure out how to get an RSS feed, and let people subscribe to my […]

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Nosy Neighbors

O.K. Tell me if I’m making a big deal out of nothing. We live in a really great, old neighborhood a few miles from downtown Nashville. The yards are big, and most of the houses are old ranch homes (they started out that way, at least). J and I have lived in this neighborhood since […]

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1. I love to eat: Yes, I do! 2. I hate to eat: REFUSE to eat: mushrooms and cheese (separately or together..blech!) 3. I love to go: to Lake Toxaway, skiing in Colorado, shopping in San Francisco 4. I hate to go: to Whole Foods on Sunday afternoons 5. I love it when: Our family […]