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Taking a trip down Nashville’s memory lane

We’ve been back in Nashville for two weeks and I am happy and exhausted.  There are awesome things about spending large chunks of time in the places that make me happy, like Colorado and North Carolina, but I have to be honest when I say, there’s really NO place like home!  Especially in April, Nashville […]

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Altercations on the Ski Lift

When my daughter was a little girl, she came home from ski school to tell me that she didn’t like snowboarders, because they were “disrespectful”.  That was a pretty big word for my 7-year-old, but it turns out, a boarder had cut in front of their line of beginners, sprayed snow in their faces, and […]

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Things I love about Snowmass

We have four fantastic mountains to choose from out here, all with their own distinct personalities and offerings.  The most “famous” is Aspen Mountain, known for it’s steep terrain (there are ZERO green runs), Aspen Highlands, the “local’s” mountain, with the famous hike to Highland Bowl, a treasure trove of inbound backcountry-feeling terrain, and Buttermilk, […]

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Lessons in Powder

After the incredible dumping of snow we had last week (40″ in three days!), I learned a lot about skiing in powder.  Since we bought our place here two years ago, the snowfall amounts have been below average, so we don’t have a lot of experience with true, soft, “champagne” powder.  But last week we […]

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30" of fresh powder!!

  I’ve been meaning to post, but mother nature felt kind enough to dump over 30″ of new snow here, so I’m skiing. Wheeeeee! Here’s a bit of my first run this morning at the top of Cascade. As someone new to this much soft powder, I am in heaven. I just need lessons on […]

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Getting my empty nest back

I got up before the sun did this morning, a rarity on a Sunday, but I wanted to make breakfast for my daughter and her boyfriend before they left.  I miss cooking for her.  I don’t miss the mess she left behind in her room…wet towels on the floor, every item of clothing she wore […]

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Getting injured in a ski town!

After Sunday’s whiteout and 8″ of beautiful, sparkling champagne powder I woke up yesterday looking forward to a great day of skiing.  I started early, and as the day progressed, the gloomy, overcast skies turned sunny.  I was so happy.  I skied by myself, since J and H were both sore (J’s hip and H’s […]

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Earning your turns!

On a sunny day in Snowmass last January, there had been no new snow for several days, so Jeff and I strapped on our stabilicers and hiked from our house to the top of Elk Camp, about a 3 mile hike (one way) with about 2500 feet of altitude gained.  It’s a beautiful, somewhat strenuous […]