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Love Is A Verb

Twenty two years ago, I met a boy.  He made me laugh the first time we met.  He was very different from the guys I had dated, because he was so open and didn’t hide from his feelings.  In fact, from the very first day we met, I have never wondered where I stood with […]

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My Facebook addiction

Nope, I’m not dead. I’ve been in rehab, for my facebook addiction. See, this is the problem. I’ll be just doing my mom thing, running H all over the place, and waiting for her to come to the car, and my iphone is there, just waiting, with notifications of all kinds of things…responses to my […]

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12 Stepping for Facebook Games

I was just informed that I’ve been saying it wrong. “Two thousand and nine”. It was explained to me that in 1909, they called it “Oh nine”, not “Nineteen hundred and nine”. Whatever. All I know is, the years are flying by…In another year and some odd months I’ll be fifty freaking years old. I […]

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Happy New Year!

Yes, I am still alive. I can’t remember when I had something really profound to say. I just realized that if I don’t write something soon, this blog has a really good chance of just dying a slow, unnoticed death. I’ve discovered facebook, or as our old babysitter (“old”, as in WAS our babysitter when […]

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100 Things About Me

  100 Things about me 1. Now that we’re empty nesters, we split our time between Nashville, Lake Toxaway, NC, and Snowmass, Colorado.2. I’m a mom to a college student-yikes!3. I’m an exercise fanatic4. I love to eat (thus #3)5. I grew up in a house that had NO ALCOHOL…EVER6. I looooooove white wine and […]