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Unwanted Google Ads???

I need to write a new post because for some odd reason, a google ad showed up under my last post. I have an adsense account, “just in case” someday I might want to make money doing this. (Although that’s not probable, since my daily readership is limited to mostly my family and the few […]

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Email time machine!

I’m a list maker. I make lists all the time…on the back of envelopes, on the “memo” function on my phone, sticky notes all over the place, etc. I find that the more times I write it down, the more likely I’ll remember it. Sometimes I even call my home phone to leave myself voice […]

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Switching to iphone…

After the love/hate relationship we’ve had with our Treos for the last couple of years, J and I switched over to the iphone today. I’ve spent the better part of 7 hours, just setting them up. Mine was relatively easy, because I have a mac, and already synced all my palm contact info into i […]